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Elkins House Condominium

Full gut renovation of the oldest remaining wood-frame house in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, including the conversion from two-family occupancy to a 4-unit condominium.  

The building dates from the mid-1850s, when Brooklyn was transforming from a rural area to a suburb of New York City.  At the time there were may wood-frame houses on large lots in the area, but over time as Brooklyn became increasingly urban, lots were subdivided and the density of the neighborhood increased.  The Elkins House lot was subdivided, making the existing detached wood-frame building into an an anomaly in a neighborhood now consisting primarily of masonry townhouses and four to six story apartment buildings.

Project team:  Richard Goodstein, Michael Hanson, Francis Aponte, Silvina Pizzocaro, Lyndon Julien-Sehl, Angie Hunsaker
Developer:  Komaru Enterprises
Structural:  A Degree of Freedom Structural Engineer, New York, NY
MEP:  Ampol Engineering, Brooklyn, NY